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This podcast is a tool to help you discover how to illustrate and leverage your professional skills to help you earn a Better Income, create a Better Career, and live a Better Life.

When you increase your professional skill level you increase the quality of your life. It’s that simple.

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Thanks for clicking this tab. I am London Porter, creator of iblb Podcast.

Are you dealing with any work challenges right now? I won’t say this podcast will fix what you’re dealing with, but what if you get one insight, one ah-ha moment, or if you are guided to a resource that helps you  deal with your problem a lil’ better?

If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do some things you’ve never done.

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aka Uncle London
aka Mr. T.A.O. (The Aggressive Optimistic)

The Purpose is simple: Earn a Better Income, create a Better Career, and in doing so…you will live a Better Life.
To deliver practical, tactical, and powerful career-skill-training weekly. Your life is one big interview.
The only requirement needed is an Open Mind.

Listen to the first 30 seconds of episode #1.
If you like it, stick around, if not, keep searching for what does work for you.

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